Bunny Ranch Bans Donald Sterling For Life

(Carson City, NV) -- The owner of Nevada's infamous Bunny Ranch brothel is pulling the welcome mat for Donald Sterling. Dennis Hof tells "The Huffington Post" he too has banned the embattled Los Angeles Clippers owner for life. Hof won't say whether or not Sterling has visited the Bunny Ranch or any of his other brothels in the state, but says out of respect for the many NBA players who come there to party, he won't allow Sterling to step foot in his establishments. He says, "We don't need racists or bigots at the Bunny Ranch."

The NBA banned Sterling for life Tuesday after a revealing recording surfaced over the weekend. On it, the 80-year-old billionaire can be heard telling his girlfriend not to bring black people to his games. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver also fined Sterling two-and-a-half-million dollars for his racist remarks.