AOL Boss Under Fire For 401(k) Change, Blaming Sick Babies

(Undated) -- The boss at AOL is catching a lot of heat over a change that he rescinded and comments he can't take back. Novelist Deanna Fei told CBS'
"This Morning" Tim Armstrong partially blamed her prematurely-born daughter, Mila , for health and 401k contribution changes.
Mila Fei spent three months in a neonatal ICU after her birth in 2012. Her father works at the Huffington Post, which is owned by AOL. AOL's CEO set off an explosion of protest from employees when he announced last week that AOL will match workers' contributions to their 401(k) accounts at the end of the year, rather than on every payday. That change could cost workers of lot of money in lost interest. The company reversed the change Sunday. When Armstrong announced the change in the matching policy last week he blamed it on the Affordable Care Act and AOL having to pay millions of dollars to cover the cost of treating what he called two "distressed babies" born in 2012.
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Novelist Deanna Fei explained to CBS' "This Morning" she and her husband felt compelled to speak up after what Tim Armstrong said.
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