Tony Stewart Hits, Kills Kevin Ward Jr. On Track

(Canandaigua, NY) -- A man who witnessed the fatal race track accident involving Sprint Cup Series champion Tony Stewart says Stewart accelerated before hitting twenty-year-old driver Kevin Ward Junior.
Michael Messerly was at the race in upstate New York with his son on Saturday. He says Ward got out of his car after Stewart knocked his car while fighting for positioning going around a turn. When Ward appeared to try to confront Stewart, Stewart's car hit Ward while going about 35-miles-per-hour, sending Ward nearly 50 feet into the air. Ward was pronounced dead at the hospital.
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Michael Messerly, who witnessed the fatal racetrack accident involving Tony Stewart, says he was surprised when he saw Kevin Ward Junior get out of his car.
Logan Messerly was at the race and says the track's poor lighting might have played a role in the accident.
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