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Biden Has Foul Language Meltdown With Michigan Automaker

Critics are still looking at Joe Biden’s heated exchange with a Michigan autoworker whom he accused of being “full of it (s***),” but using an expletive there.

National Review points out that the man in the video is absolutely right. Biden supports every single serious national effort to restrict gun rights, according to his campaign issues page.

When CNN asked Biden what he had to say to gun owners who claimed that “a Biden Administration means they’re going to come for my guns,” he answered, “Bingo, you’re right if you have an assault weapon.” Biden has shown that he can’t even get basic gun facts right.

A few week ago he told a cheering crowd that 150 million Americans had been murdered in the U.S. by firearms since 2007.

While arguing with the autoworker, Biden referred to “AR-14s.”

It remains to be seen how this latest incident will affect Biden’s presidential run.

Corrie O'Connor 

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