Media Celebrate Congressional Win of Left-Wing Anti-Semite

ABC News and other left-wing media were quick to celebrate the congressional win Tuesday of Ilhan Omar, a Muslim former refugee from Somalia, and a known anti-Semite.

Omar, who won in Minnesota’s 5th congressional district, said she hopes to bring “unique insight” to Congress.

Her so-called “insight” in the past has been to tweet out a message to claim that “Jews had hypnotized the world” and asked Allah to “show the world that the Jewish state is evil.” Omar garnered the support of several progressives including Justice Democrats, MoveOn, and a Bernie Sanders organization.

These are same groups that backed Democrat and self-proclaimed Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Meanwhile, fellow Muslim Michigan Democrat Rashida Tlaib, who won a seat in the House, wrapped herself in a “Palestinian” flag at her victory party. 

Corrie O'Connor

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