One vote cast in name of deceased Arizona voter in 2020 presidential election, review finds

Were there any votes cast in the names of deceased people in the 2020 presidential election?

Yes, but not as many as Arizona Senate president Karen Fann, R-Prescott, previously thought.

Arizona’s Republican attorney general Mark Brnovich wrote the Senate president a letter on August 1 concerning voter fraud allegations made by members of the Arizona Senate, including Fann.

The Arizona Attorney General’s Election Integrity Unity reviewed 282 allegations of dead voters voting in the 2020 presidential election in Arizona at Fann’s request. However, it found that of the 282 allegations, only one appeared to be legitimate.

The letter said that the Cyber Ninja report where these allegations came from was inaccurate and that people on the list were surprised to learn that they were allegedly dead.

“Some were so absurd the names and birthdates didn’t even match the deceased, and others included dates of death after the election,” Brnovich wrote. “While our office has successfully prosecuted other instances of dead voters, these cases were ultimately determined to be isolated instances.”

Fann issued a statement saying that she was grateful for Brnovich’s investigation.

“We’re thankful for the tireless work from Attorney General Mark Brnovich and his entire team while answering some tough questions from voters and lawmakers who had grave concerns over how the 2020 General Election was conducted in Arizona,” she said in a press release. “They asked us to do the hard work of fact finding, and we are delivering the facts. This step of the AG’s investigation is critical to restoring the diminished confidence our constituents expressed following the last election. We’re grateful for the increased voter integrity measures put in place after the audit revealed weaknesses in our election processes. We will continue to work on election integrity policies in Arizona with an end goal of making it ‘easy to vote yet hard to cheat’ within our state.”

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