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If you want to live like the wealthy, you need to think like the wealthy.  Join Ferenc Toth each week for the Your Personal Bank™ Show, Saturdays at 9:00AM. Your Personal Bank™ is a powerful financial tool typically only shared with the ultra-wealthy by the financial industry.  Learn how to gain control of your money . . . create tax-favored income . . . and access more funds over your lifetime.  It’s the Your Personal Bank™ Show . . . the show that can change your financial life.
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Host Bio:

Ferenc Toth is a nationally acclaimed educator and speaker on financial literacy; President and Founder of Secure Estate Management; successful entrepreneur of several businesses, including, retail, construction, real estate, and financial services; and Chairman of the Board of an FDIC insured bank in formation.  Ferenc’s company continues to grow rapidly with over 5,000 clients and dozens of advisors.  Ferenc has personally advised over 1,000 clients and mentored many advisors over his 20+ year career.

Ferenc is a General Agent. Unlike most agents/advisors, General Agents work directly with financial institutions and typically have an extensive level of experience and knowledge. Ferenc has been and is annually recognized by several financial and insurance institutions as a top advisor.  He has been honored many years as a top 10 advisor nationally.

Ferenc is founder of Your Personal Bank™.  He is passionate about helping people gain control of their money, create tax-favored income, and having access to more funds over their lifetime. Ferenc actively educates on financial literacy.

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